Christmas Truth

Birth, life, death and resurrection are historically true, as is our need of a Savior. We cannot save ourselves. Anything less than truth is not just less meaningful but is false.

The Advent Adventure

While waiting to celebrate His first coming we are reminded He is coming back. We don’t know when. The time is always ripe. The adventure is always almost ready to begin. 

God Likes Stuff

God works through the stuff he gives us; therefore, we are a sacramental people, coming to the sacred through the materials God has created and ordained for us.

Pentecost: There is so much more

Pentecost reverses the curse of Babel. It brings together different cultures. Pentecost. It brings together different languages. Pentecost. It brings together different people. Pentecost.

The role of the Holy Spirit

AMiA Lead Bishop, Philip Jones, explains the role of the Holy Spirit as a part of abundant three-stream living.

Three Stream Worship: The Holy Spirit

+ Philip Jones introduces the role of the Holy Spirit in three-stream living.

Giving thanks, even now

We can give thanks even in difficult times through the General Thanksgiving in the Book of Common Prayer.

From the Lead Bishop: Racial Reconciliation

Certain causes or issues will flare up for a time, causing us all get all excited. Many of us get onboard, only to jump into the next concern that catches our attention. But there are other issues that deserve our engagement for the long haul. To stay the course, we have to be focused and intentional.

Advent: Expectation and Preparation

Lead Bishop Philip Jones shares how to use the Advent season to prepare our hearts for Christmas.