Those Who Have Seen His Glory

Today, there are more than 110 international armed conflicts that are regularly monitored: more than 45 armed conflicts in the Middle East and Northern Africa, more than 35 armed conflicts across Africa, 21 armed conflicts in Asia, seven armed conflicts across Europe and six armed conflicts throughout Latin America. Some belong to recent history while…

Christmas Truth

Birth, life, death and resurrection are historically true, as is our need of a Savior. We cannot save ourselves. Anything less than truth is not just less meaningful but is false.

The Gift of Listening

Your loved ones living with mental health conditions may view the holiday season as a gauntlet of triggers and with overall dread. For many, interactions with particular family members or having to be on point in large group settings can create feelings of anxiety and need for isolation. Here's some ideas on how to help.

For You This Christmas

Within Mary's womb was the one whom the universe could not contain. The embryo she was to name “Jesus” was God's perfect and only way for humanity’s rescue. It is here, in this wondrous thing that happened at the first Christmas, that the most profound, unfathomable depths of God’s revelation to humanity are found. God became man!