Those Who Have Seen His Glory

Today, there are more than 110 international armed conflicts that are regularly monitored: more than 45 armed conflicts in the Middle East and Northern Africa, more than 35 armed conflicts across Africa, 21 armed conflicts in Asia, seven armed conflicts across Europe and six armed conflicts throughout Latin America. Some belong to recent history while…

The Counter-Cultural Liturgy of Confirmation

Confirmation Sunday is one the most counter-cultural liturgies we have. It’s one that reminds us of the object of our worship: God.

Out of The Ordinary

As you read each chapter, Liturgy of the Ordinary begins to reveal the intentionality we are called to in that identity, that vocation. We do this by applying the pattern of Christ to the messy fabric of our lives. Warren shows us how we can rip apart the torn seams to stitch them together anew, with care and Christ at the center of our personal liturgies.

Advent Ideas for Families

Advent is a gift for the church of all ages. Here are tips and tricks I have seen work for some families to make for a thoughtful Advent season.

Stewardship With the Kingdom in Mind

Dustin+ Messer of All Saints Dallas talks about stewardship in the various spheres of life for the sake of God’s Kingdom.