Building an Intentional Family Ministry

When we make the goal of children at church something as a means to the end of adults being able to engage in worship, learning and community, we’ve done a disservice to children and failed to see them as valuable parts of our congregation.

Advent Ideas for Families

Advent is a gift for the church of all ages. Here are tips and tricks I have seen work for some families to make for a thoughtful Advent season.

Book Review: Parenting in the Pew

By Dr. Robin Turner, Kid’s Ministry Director, All Saints Dallas Too often, children (and their parents!) get the impression that going to church is about not doing things: don’t move, don’t make noise, don’t distract, don’t be impatient, don’t bother your sister. Sunday worship ends, and children and parents leave feeling frustrated, embarrassed and unfulfilled.…

Managing Growth in Children’s Ministry

Consistency, curriculum and caring volunteers are the major building blocks for a successful childrens' program.

When to Pray, When to Parent and When to Seek Help

By Morgan Myers Remember: When it comes to concerns about our children, not all issues are parenting issues. Not all issues are spiritual issues. And not all issues are mental health issues.

Being with Children as a Practice of Discipleship

By The Rev. Seth Richardson. Is time spent with children exclusively about their formation and discipleship? Is it possible that God is doing a greater work in us as we practice presence with children? The Rev. Seth Richardson of St. Andrew's Little Rock addresses these compelling questions for those in ministry to children and beyond.