Healing Through Relationship

In helping others to emotionally heal from this pandemic by being in proper relationship with one another, we will also be healing ourselves.

From the Lead Bishop: Racial Reconciliation

Certain causes or issues will flare up for a time, causing us all get all excited. Many of us get onboard, only to jump into the next concern that catches our attention. But there are other issues that deserve our engagement for the long haul. To stay the course, we have to be focused and intentional.

From the Lead Bishop: Becoming a Voice of Hope

Lead Bishop of AMiA, Philip Jones, discusses the need for each church to have a conversation about racism.

Safe Conversations Workshop

Now, more than ever, it’s important that couples treat each other with kindness and compassion. But how, when it’s so easy to let the stress of this extraordinary time cause us to lash out or retreat inward instead?

When to Pray, When to Parent and When to Seek Help

By Morgan Myers Remember: When it comes to concerns about our children, not all issues are parenting issues. Not all issues are spiritual issues. And not all issues are mental health issues.

Coming to Connect at Easter

As you are well aware, there are group of people who only show up for church on Christmas and Easter. The pangs of guilt they feel as these two seasons roll around, often prompted by a call or text from a parent, bring them back to the churches or traditions of their youth. Parking lots fill up; seats are harder to find; there is that awkward pause as you try to remember if you have seen a particular person recently and which greeting you should go for.

Don’t Do Ministry Alone

From Clergy Retreat 2018


In Charlottesville we saw front and center once again the violence of racism, and the lie of Satan that says that a person's value is based on the color of the skin, their heritage, or their station in life. This is antithetical to God's word that tells us that we are all made in the image of God, all known and all loved.

Understanding Your Calling

Our vocation is first of all the arena in which God mentors us into discovering who we are—which means Christ in us, the hope of glory. Our vocation is the arena by which He is shaping us to be an eternal splendor.