TLC Podcast – Anglican Theology

Rev. Allen Hughes discusses Anglican Theology with Rev. Jason Radcliff.  They cover understanding the gospel through the Anglican tradition, how it’s lived out and why it’s important. Jason+ Radcliff is Head of School at Augustine Classical Academy in Upstate New York. He is the author of “Thomas F. Torrance and the Church Fathers” (2014), “Thomas…

TLC Podcast – Why Anglican Theology matters in today’s world

Rev Allen Hughes discusses why an Anglican Theology matters in today's world with Rev Chris Myers. Chris recommends journaling and start with recognizing the 3 thinkers who provided the most influence to you and use them as a resource for reading.  Selecting and reading books they have read. Resources on scriptural theology:Paul is the primary…

TLC Podcast – Anointed Communication

Rev. Allen Hughes discusses Anointed Communication with Rev. Drew Witt from Gathering Midtown, San Antonio TX.

TLC Podcast – Leading a Three Stream Anglican Service

Rev Allen Hughes discusses Leading a Three Stream Anglican Service with Bishop Philip Jones from the Anglican Mission and All Saints Dallas. Un preparato innovativo, che viene usato da parte dei maschi nel trattamento di disfunzione erettile, il restringimento dei vasi arteriosi. L’efficienza e la sicurezza dell’utilizzo simultaneo di Lovegra e esattamente come fanno gli…

Witches, Worship and Why I’m Anglican

The names change. The denominations change. The ages vary. The story remains the same.

The Book of Common Prayer: A Unifying Resource

As Thomas Cranmer, the principal author of the original BCP, said, “Our Book [of common prayer] … is an instrument of the Bible.” The Bible can be a daunting text to engage with; thankfully, the work of Cranmer and others like him was able to give us a beautiful book to structure our prayer and guide our daily interaction with God’s Word.

What is an Anglican?

An Anglican is someone who loves Jesus. They're someone who, wanting to live under Jesus’s lordship, searches the Scriptures to learn how to live that life.

Stories From The Pew: Paul’s Story

"Discipleship, following Jesus is not about sin management or trying to modify my behavior. . . it's about changing my affections to love what Jesus loves and love how He loves."