The role of the Holy Spirit

AMiA Lead Bishop, Philip Jones, explains the role of the Holy Spirit as a part of abundant three-stream living.

Holy Spirit: Leaning into More

Robert+ Cook of St. Andrew’s in Little Rock shares his personal journey in understanding the role of the Holy Spirit.

Mind the Gap: A Ministry of the Holy Spirit

David+ Larlee, rector of St. Bartholomew’s in Dallas, shares ways the Holy Spirit fills in the gap between our minds and our hearts.

Three Stream Worship: The Holy Spirit

+ Philip Jones introduces the role of the Holy Spirit in three-stream living.

Experiencing the Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit day or weekend retreat has always been a high point in the life of churches where I have served. Although it is part of the Alpha program, all Alpha participants for that season and all of our parishioners are encouraged to come and to bring friends.

The Spirit’s Presence in Word and Sacrament

The catechism explains that the sacraments are outward and visible signs (read: symbols) of inward and spiritual grace. This grace must be experienced, not just cogitated about or announced over us in the sacraments. And grace, such as the grace of knowing you are marked as Christ’s own for ever, is delivered through the Holy Spirit.

Spiritual Gifts: A Missional Exercise in Grace and Dependence

As we discern Spiritual gifts together, we are cultivating a culture of sensitive listeners (to ourselves and one another) and confident practitioners. In this way we become less of a community of religious consumers, and more of a community empowered to participate in God’s work in us and through us.

Creating Space for the Holy Spirit

You can hear the Word of God and “participate” in and celebrate the liturgy, and through these “streams” you can experience the third stream, the Holy Spirit. However, I believe that there is more the Holy Spirit wants to give us if we can provide the opportunities or space for Him to move among us.