ALPHA: Why Alpha?

Dustin+ Messer (All Saints Dallas) and David+ Larlee (St. Bartholomew) discuss reasons why the Alpha program is a helpful tool for churches.  

Mind the Gap: A Ministry of the Holy Spirit

David+ Larlee, rector of St. Bartholomew’s in Dallas, shares ways the Holy Spirit fills in the gap between our minds and our hearts.

The Value of Prophetic Ministry

When we use the gift of prophecy to mine the treasure inside of someone made in the image of God, a major shift begins to take place in him or her. That person is introduced to a heavenly perspective on their life.

Alpha: A Tool for Transformation

"It is my heartfelt conviction that the Alpha course is a tool Jesus is using to transform culture and society. Hospitality and listening have become a primary way in which Jesus is making himself known to those who don’t know him." David+ Larlee

Culture of Invitation

David+ Larlee, Winter Conference 2017

Sparks of Redemptive Grace

For others in our midst who care about, but don’t really understand, the unrelenting obstacles and grief faced by families caring for a loved one struggling with a mental illness, Sparks of Redemptive Grace reveals an incredibly personal glimpse into what goes on in homes and hearts when dealing with a mental disorder.

A Hidden Leprosy of the Heart

Lent is an opportunity to re-center ourselves on the grace and mercy of God. That life might be brought into sharper focus as we consider Christ's journey to the cross.