"the righteous shall be glad; they shall exult before God; they shall be jubilant with joy!"  Psalm 68:3


In the Anglican tradition, we celebrate certain seasons and holy days based on the ancient church calendar. Below are resources related to such times.

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Isolation Processing

The Christian life is embedded in the cross. The ashes are imposed upon us making the sign of the cross on our forehead. It is a reminder that yes, we will die and return to dust, but that is not the last word.

Lent in our Wilderness

In the wilderness, harsh as it is, I cannot continue to prop-up the illusion that I can ignore my brokenness or deal with it in my own power. In the wilderness, I am offered the opportunity to face the truth about myself and trust the Father’s voice.

Life, Death and the Annunciation

The Feast of the Annunciation is celebration of the day when Mary received the news from Gabriel that she was going to bear the Son of God. It feels odd to celebrate this day of good news and new life in this solemn Lenten season of repentance and death. But the date can’t be helped—nine months from now we will celebrate the birth of Jesus.

A Hidden Leprosy of the Heart

Lent is an opportunity to re-center ourselves on the grace and mercy of God. That life might be brought into sharper focus as we consider Christ's journey to the cross.

The Most/Least Popular Sin

What is gluttony? It is not simply overeating or being overweight, but rather an attitude towards that lends itself to such things. We might do well to begin by defining gluttony as taking more than we need.

The Tinfoil Kingdom of Lust

People are hungry for intimacy, to be loved and to feel alive. We are grabbing for anything that comes close.

Advent as Holy Hunger

Advent is a season for such holy hunger. Advent, this time when we as the Church inhabit Christ's first coming as a way to look forward to his second, names that hunger and in some sense gives us a taste of what it might feel like to be truly satisfied.

What Being a Hospice Chaplain Taught Me About Easter

The gift of hospice is to provide comfort and care to patients nearing the end of life and their families. The gift of the hospice chaplain is to bring the extraordinary message of Easter.

The Subversive Shape of Power

The one who could have called legions of angels to vanquish the legions of Rome, but who instead offered himself up by turning the other cheek, becoming in his death the truly meek one who would inherit the earth.

Lent Guide

Essentially, we sought to make the Book of Common Prayer accessible and beautiful. We decided to do the hard work of compiling all proper readings, collects, and seasons into an easy-to-follow book.