Seeing God’s Provision in the Planting Process

By Allison Kalteyer, member of the St. Patrick’s Dallas launch team My husband, Robert, and I have seen God’s grace, provision and faithfulness firsthand since being involved in the planting of St. Patrick’s Anglican Church in Dallas, Texas. The road to finding St. Patrick’s first began in mid-2020. The season of 2020 has been a…

Silent Saturday

The women, it seems, were disrupted mid-stream in planning for the burial. They found the tomb and prepared the spices. But as an unwelcomed interloper, the Sabbath, came with its unrelenting rules. And so, "On the Sabbath they rested according to the commandment." The rest of the work would need to wait until after the rest from the work.

Lenten Reflections: Teaching Us to Wait

I did not grow up in a church that observed Lent, but I have grown to long for this season that is set apart to be a reminder of our human limitedness and our need for Christ’s offering of Himself. This Lent, I have been particularly burdened by that frequent theme of the Psalms: the apparent success of the wicked.

Lenten Reflections: A Place to Be Still

The rhythms of the daily office and lectionary readings invite me in to be present and journey through the seasons. During Lent I yearn for even more space to allow each moment, each word to penetrate my soul.

Lenten Reflections: Baring the Soil of My Soul

As we approach Lent, I examine myself. I am unable to deny that I am a dirty saint, a messy image-bearer, a broken disciple. This would be troubling if not for the gospel of grace that wipes away the dirt, cleans up the mess and smooths the sharp places of my broken edges.