Learning to BE by Chad+ Jarnagin

As an increasing number of people engage in a quest for spiritual health, there has been an alarming movement of individuals leaving Christianity behind. Often the abandonment of once-vibrant faith is tied to the deconstruction of faith with intentional reconstruction. However, this trend is accompanied by another, more encouraging movement: Christians around the world are…

Lenten Reflections: A Place to Be Still

The rhythms of the daily office and lectionary readings invite me in to be present and journey through the seasons. During Lent I yearn for even more space to allow each moment, each word to penetrate my soul.

The Role of Music in Liturgical Worship: An Interview with Ryan Flanigan

Music serves the liturgy; it does not stand as a liturgy in itself. Music aids the people in singing the praises of God. Music opens the hearts, minds and emotions of worshipers to experience the beauty of the Lord. Music is NOT a neutral vehicle for words; it is not just a cognitive exercise.