"The saying is trustworthy: If anyone aspires to the office of overseer, he desires a noble task." 1 Timothy 3:1

Coffee With a Friend: Jay+ Wright, Part 1

Here's the exciting thing: watching our people take ownership. They're stepping up and seeing the need. They’re hearing the call from God, and watching God make all of this happen.

Don’t Do Ministry Alone

From Clergy Retreat 2018

Coaching: A Help to Get Unstuck

Thankfully, it has been a pattern in my life that God will put people in my path who invest in me. People who are willing to invest their time in seeing me and other leaders develop. So when I came across the opportunity to receive coaching in ministry, that seemed like a logical next step.

Isolation Processing

The Christian life is embedded in the cross. The ashes are imposed upon us making the sign of the cross on our forehead. It is a reminder that yes, we will die and return to dust, but that is not the last word.

Why Anglican? Part 1

Winter Conference 2016 Winter Conference 2016

Developing Healthy Leaders

+Philip Jones, Winter Conference 2017

Two Things You Should Know About Planting an Anglican Church

God is on the move in our generation, and in His sovereign will has allowed The Mission to serve a significant role in helping the cynical, worn-out and despairing among us—providing a place for the lost to find profound meaning and life in the shadow of God's Word, the mystery of the Sacraments and the presence of the Holy Spirit.