The Tinfoil Kingdom of Lust

People are hungry for intimacy, to be loved and to feel alive. We are grabbing for anything that comes close.

Between Two Traditions: Anglican Views on Holy Communion

In the Anglican Communion, Holy Communion is both an encouragement to the journeying Christian and a celebration of the communion each Christian has with the Trinitarian God we worship, as well as with one another.  

Worship and Truth: How Worshipful Prayers Give Fire to Anglican Theology

What is more fundamental to the heart of Anglican theology: the 39 Articles or the Book of Common Prayer? Gavin+ Pate explores why both are essential for an enlarged faith and enlivened liturgy. 

5 Reasons to Plant a Church With The Mission

Five compelling reasons why church planters should consider this Anglican church planting society. 

Why I Am No Longer a Church Planter

Church planting is lonely.  It is best if you have experience at all the "lower" levels before attempting to plant a church.  In planting a church, you will have to be many different things.