Stories From the Pew: Pamela’s Story

"The question that was pounding in my head was: if I cannot take care of my family, then what's the point? Why am I here? How come I survived? What good am I?"

Coherence: Who I Truly Am

Do you ever struggle lining up who you actually are with who you—and others—say you are? Patrick Schlabs of St. Peter's Church shares what he's learned about personal coherence and the role of grace in our identity as believers. 

Desperate: Why Burnout Is Mission’s Greatest Enemy

Burnout is harmful. It has actually destroyed many churches, ministries, and individuals. It can rattle every man and woman from the mission God has called them to do.

You Are Here: The Secret to Getting Direction From Above

Jesus doesn’t make me move to a different location, then give me direction. He doesn’t ask me to move at all. All I need to do is say, “Here I am. I’m right here.”

What Being a Hospice Chaplain Taught Me About Easter

The gift of hospice is to provide comfort and care to patients nearing the end of life and their families. The gift of the hospice chaplain is to bring the extraordinary message of Easter.

Why I Am No Longer a Church Planter

Church planting is lonely.  It is best if you have experience at all the "lower" levels before attempting to plant a church.  In planting a church, you will have to be many different things.