My Story of Miraculous Physical Healing


By Ned Harris

When I was on the way to the Order of St. Luke conference near Oakhurst, California, in November 2010, my physical healing wasn’t on my mind at all. I had torn the rotator cuff in my right shoulder four years prior, and had been told by the surgeon who examined it that it had been damaged irreparably—it could not be repaired surgically. I had, by this time, adjusted to the limited mobility and ability that resulted. I couldn’t raise my right hand any higher than the shoulder, and had almost no strength at all in the shoulder. But I had come to accept the situation as it was, and had no thoughts that it might ever change. I was going to the conference (I thought) just to learn more about the Order.

The speaker / teacher at the conference was Mike Endicott, who has a healing ministry in Wales called Jacob’s Well. His teaching was very interesting and entertaining, and there was quite a bit that was new to me, so I listened carefully.

On Saturday night, he asked if there was anyone there in the audience with either a stiff neck or sore shoulder. Although my shoulder was no longer “sore,” I put my (left) hand up, and he invited me to come forward. After a brief discussion of my situation, he began to pray in the manner that he had been teaching us during the weekend—nothing like the “usual” requests for healing at all; just prayers of thanksgiving for what Jesus had done on the Cross, and glorification of God’s kingdom. Less than five minutes later, I could raise my right hand above my head with my arm fully extended! Hallelujah and praise God!

The next morning, during the Eucharist service, we were all holding hands as we said the Lord’s Prayer. The hand that I was holding in my right hand belonged to a lady who had come to the conference after having an X-ray earlier that week that showed an image that the doctor couldn’t identify. She was scheduled to have a follow-up X-ray the next week.  Since she is a cancer survivor, this was a definite concern. As we recited the Lord’s Prayer, although I was not aware of anything out of the ordinary, Dorothy felt what she later described as a “tuning fork” sensation that went from her hand, up her arm to her shoulder, and across her chest. I learned from her later the next week that the follow-up X-ray was completely clear!  Praise God for her healing!

Later that day, after the conference was over, I went for a walk in the woods by a creek to look at the waterfalls. When I returned to the parking lot, I got into a conversation with a couple there who’d been walking their dog on the trail. When I told them about my experience, the man said that he’d like to meet Mike himself, because he had a “bad knee.” I said that Mike had left, and then I surprised myself by offering to pray for him, thinking that I’d try to imitate what I had learned over the weekend—but also thinking that I really didn’t feel sure that I knew what I was doing. A couple of minutes later, I stopped, and, as Mike had done with me, asked him how his knee felt. He got a strange expression on his face, took a couple of steps and exclaimed, “The pain’s gone!”  He continued walking around the parking lot with no difficulty, while I was literally jumping up and down with excitement and praising God!

I’ve been doing exercises that a physical therapist gave me, and slowly regaining the strength in my shoulder. She had worked with me after my earlier injury, and recognized what had happened as “a miracle of prayer”!  I’ve been “released” from physical therapy, having passed all of the therapist’s strength tests; my shoulder continues to increase in strength. There are many things that I can do now with my right hand and arm that I could not before!  Praise God!

Ned Harris is a parishioner at Christ the King Anglican Church in Campbell, California. God has continued to work in Ned’s life. In this talk he gave at Christ the King Anglican Church, Ned shares his healing from depression and rage.