On Fasting in Lent

As we begin the season of Lent, take time to consider if the Holy Spirit is calling you to undertake a fast during this season, and if so, in what manner. Fasting is never easy and can be quite frustrating. But the promise is that it will give us more of Christ and that it will form us more and more into his image.

Rethinking Slothfulness

Americans tend to be busy. We might think that because we're so busy we are not slothful. But we can be so busy that we don’t think we have time to worship the Lord.

The Most/Least Popular Sin

What is gluttony? It is not simply overeating or being overweight, but rather an attitude towards that lends itself to such things. We might do well to begin by defining gluttony as taking more than we need.

How I Found Myself in The Confession

God doesn’t hate sin because sin is bad for Him. Sin grieves God because it is His creatures willfully turning away from that perfect love, and toward their own destruction.

The Real Reason We Pass the Peace

The peace that Christ gives is richer, deeper and eternal. Ultimately, it is a peace that comes alongside the gift of the Holy Spirit, which means it is a peace that comes from being united into the immutable peace of God Himself. So even while we wait for the fullness that will come with His return, we have the deposit that guarantees it.

What’s So Great About Being a Sheep?

Not only can I make idols of the good things God gives me, but I can begin to think that my having received them is all down to my own superior abilities. In short I am finding I need to be reminded again and again of just exactly how sheep-like I am.