The Scriptures: Living and Active Word of God

Chris+ Myers of St. Bartholomew Anglican Church in Dallas shares reasons why the Scriptures are essential for three-stream worship.

The Counter-Cultural Gift of Sabbath

For us, in the time and place where we live, we need to be reminded of the redemptive meaning of Sabbath and the temptation to be unrelenting taskmasters, both to ourselves and to others.

Meeting God During Lent

The act of putting to death earthly things in us is the continual call of Christians; but the season of Lent offers an especially intensified period of time to do this.

The Via Media and the Muddled Middle

This is love at its best, an immoderate pouring out of all that we are and all that we have for the sake of another. After all, the center of our faith is the example par excellence of immoderate love--the willing sacrificial death of the Son of God. As attempt to walk the middle way, might our love be immoderate in exactly this way.

Advent as Holy Hunger

Advent is a season for such holy hunger. Advent, this time when we as the Church inhabit Christ's first coming as a way to look forward to his second, names that hunger and in some sense gives us a taste of what it might feel like to be truly satisfied.

The Unwavering Faith of Abraham

Throughout the Bible, Abraham is celebrated for his faith. But how is it that during long periods of waiting and silence from God, Abraham's faith did not waver? How did Abraham live out his faith in his daily circumstances—and how we can do the same? 

The Sacramental Imagination

The sacramental imagination brings together an affirmation and appreciation for the goodness of creation with an abiding awe of the mystery of Christ incarnate.

The Subversive Shape of Power

The one who could have called legions of angels to vanquish the legions of Rome, but who instead offered himself up by turning the other cheek, becoming in his death the truly meek one who would inherit the earth.