Periodically we release a podcast from our clergy on one of the Three-Stream Living topics. These conversations are about 20 minutes in length and capture some key thoughts and insights from our clergy that may be helpful for us all. It’s a great way to spur on creative thinking around significant ideas.

Anglican Theology – Jason Radcliff

Understanding our Military Chaplains – Steve Cuneio

Biblical Management of Finances – Mike Blanchat

Ministry of Pastoral Theology of a non-anxious presence – Caleb Miller

Reflective Prayer – Jay Wright

A Deep Commitment to Personal Development – Robert Cook

Prophecy in your Congregation – Dave Larlee

Why Anglican Theology – Chris Myers

Anointed Communication – Drew Witt

Leading a three stream Anglican Service – Philip Jones


Welcome to the Three-Stream Living community! Please join us as we explore how to grow into living a three-stream liturgical life.