TLC Podcast – Anglican Theology

Rev. Allen Hughes discusses Anglican Theology with Rev. Jason Radcliff.  They cover understanding the gospel through the Anglican tradition, how it’s lived out and why it’s important.

TLC Podcast – Understanding our Military Chaplains

Rev. Allen Hughes discusses what it means to be a military chaplain with Air Force Chaplain Lt. Colonel Steve Cuneio.

TLC Podcast – Biblical Management of Finances

Rev. Allen Hughes discusses the Biblical Management of Finances with Mike Blanchat, Executive Director of The Anglican Mission.

TLC Podcast – Ministry of Pastoral Theology of a Non-Anxious Presence

Rev. Allen Hughes discusses ministry of pastoral theology of a non-anxious presence with Rev. Caleb Miller from Immanuel Anglican Church, Destin, FL. Scriptural resources:Theologically, a non-anxious presence is grounded upon ADOPTION.  As a Pauline word used to summarize the fullness of salvation, adoption is a new ontological reality for a believer in Jesus.  Romans 8:22ff;…

TLC Podcast – Reflective Prayer

Rev. Allen Hughes discusses reflective prayer with Rev. Jay Wright from St. Barts Dallas. Resources:The Way of the Pilgrim – Anonymous, R.M. Frank (Translator) – –

TLC Podcast – A Deep Commitment to Personal Development

Rev. Allen Hughes discusses A Deep Commitment to Personal Development with Rev. Robert Cook from St. Andrews Little Rock. Robert discusses the scriptural perspective of soul care:Proverbs 4:23Psalms 37:3Hebrews 12:1-2 Directives for working on a self soul care plan:Hour of quite time for meditation, thought, and to hear God.5-10-15 minutes of mid-day quite time to…

TLC Podcast – Prophecy in your Congregation

Rev. Allen Hughes discusses Prophecy in your Congregation with Rev. Dave Larlee from All Saints Dallas.  Dave discusses prophecy in scripture:John 10:3-4Romans 12:3-81 Corinthians 13 & 141 Corinthians 14:24-25 Dave and Allen recommend seeking assistance with growth through mentoring.  Check out for more information on mentoring, growth and development.

TLC Podcast – Why Anglican Theology matters in today’s world

Rev Allen Hughes discusses why an Anglican Theology matters in today's world with Rev Chris Myers. Chris recommends journaling and start with recognizing the 3 thinkers who provided the most influence to you and use them as a resource for reading.  Selecting and reading books they have read. Resources on scriptural theology:Paul is the primary…

TLC Podcast – Anointed Communication

Rev. Allen Hughes discusses Anointed Communication with Rev. Drew Witt from Gathering Midtown, San Antonio TX.

TLC Podcast – Leading a Three Stream Anglican Service

Rev Allen Hughes discusses Leading a Three Stream Anglican Service with Bishop Philip Jones from the Anglican Mission and All Saints Dallas.