We believe at least every three years all clergy need to get off the front lines of ministry and let others serve them for an extended period of time to:

  • reflect on their calling,
  • clarify if they are stewarding their gifts properly in their current role,
  • and to re-engage their first love, Jesus Christ, in a way that refreshes and reinvigorates.

ALI provides weeklong trips for personal coaching in an environment to challenge and refine a leader’s calling and leadership focus. They come alongside leaders as they reflect on who they are in Christ, where the Lord has them, and where He may be leading as they grow in spiritual authority.

Participants will be with other Anglican leaders representing different missional areas of North America. This trip is a way to grow in humble collaboration and mutual encouragement with fellow servant leaders. Participants will be asked to engage with like-minded leaders, to share your strengths, weaknesses, hopes, fears and best practices in order to advance the Kingdom together.

The Anglican Mission in America partners with ALI to help underwrite the cost of these important trips.

Contact us for more information or to register.


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